What can you do with an adult education course if you study it?

Adult education is the process by which adults engage in systematic and continuous self-education in order to acquire new knowledge, skills, attitudes or values. It can refer to any form of adult learning outside the traditional school, from basic literacy to personal development as a lifelong learner and ensuring the fulfillment of a individual.

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Adult education allows for personal development, achievement of goals and sociability. Therefore, these programs are often referred to as continuing education programs. This is any form of training followed by a person who has completed the continuing education cycle. This is anyone who has completed compulsory education and wants to return to school at a later date.

What are the different professions in adult education?

Adult education graduates can choose from a variety of career paths and specializations. You can educate students beyond high school with an adult education degree. This career also opens up job opportunities in community organizations, human resource development teams, college admissions, and research. Some of the major education jobs include:

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  • Vocational, college and university teacher
  • Community college teacher
  • Continuing education teacher
  • Corporate trainer
  • Corporate training specialists
  • Education Administrators
  • GED Instructor
  • Human Resources Director
  • Literacy Specialist

Types of Adult Education Degrees

adult education jobs
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Adult study programs prepare you to teach people in any setting and in any field. The vast majority of degrees are master’s or higher degrees, and they build on more general education and undergraduate experience.

Associate Degrees in Adult Education

Associate degrees in adult education are rare and primarily focused on the professional market. Courses in human behavior and adult psychology are usually included. An associate degree is usually completed in two years.

Because employment opportunities for adult educators without a bachelor’s degree are limited, the associate’s degree is frequently used as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, professional educators often start their careers with just an associate’s degree and some work experience in their profession.

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Bachelor of Adult Education

Communication, curriculum development, and adult education ideas and practices are common courses in a Bachelor of Adult Education. These programs take an average of four years to complete.

Adult Education Jobs

In Nigeria, there are many adult education positions available. As a graduate, you must choose a career path that interests you. Adult education teaching jobs can be found in different ways. Job search websites such as jobberman.com and hotnigerianjobs.com are the best places to start. You can also search for adult education jobs on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Where can adult education graduates work in Nigeria?

adult education careers
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With an adult education degree, you can work in a variety of settings in Nigeria. Banks, manufacturing organizations, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, research companies and government entities are just a few examples.

Estimated Salary of an Adult Education Graduate in Nigeria

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Earnings for major adult education careers vary depending on where you work; different employees are paid differently. Private sector employees earn more on average than civil servants, but this is not always the case.

Adult education graduates in Nigeria can expect to earn between 70,000 and 350,000 naira per month.

Benefits of Adult Education

Adult higher education can be a life-changing experience. It can have a wide range of good implications for people who benefit from today’s education system. Adults of all ages can go back to school to pursue something enjoyable for themselves.

  • This allows us to appreciate and promote cultural diversity.
  • Learning something new gives your brain a workout. Learning challenges your brain, allowing you to become smarter and more creative.
  • Another fantastic reason to learn something new is that it reduces your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dementia later in life.
  • A sense of accomplishment pervades the classroom, making students feel recognized and fulfilled. Taking classes to have something to do gives some people meaning in their lives.
  • Adult education is good for the economy, your children, your community, your country, and most importantly, you. You are a role model for people younger than you. They will be encouraged to enjoy their schooling, to imitate you and to learn from you.
  • Adult courses and seminars offer many opportunities to build more self-confidence, self-esteem and self-esteem, depending on the subject you choose to study. You’ll almost certainly meet new people and learn new things that you didn’t know before.
  • Continuing your professional development will undoubtedly equip you with new abilities, which can then lead to real job and life prospects.
  • Provides opportunities for professional and personal networking, as well as relationship building.
  • Adult education allows students to form greater social bonds, allowing them to make friends with people who share similar interests.
  • Adult education improves the skills, knowledge and earning power of a country’s workforce. As a result, it helps individuals and their families escape poverty.
  • Adult education enhances individual peace of mind, increases labor productivity, leads to the advancement of life, and promotes learning in society.
  • Adult literacy improves the standard of living and contributes to the economic progress and social transformation of the country.

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The Adult Education specialization prepares you for a variety of jobs in colleges, corporations, and even small businesses. Professionals who can teach/train students or employees in various fields are in high demand. This is why a career in adult education can lead to a variety of lucrative opportunities. You can expect a competitive salary as well as several opportunities for advancement.

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