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If you’re a Netflix fanatic, you’ve probably caught up on all of the “Bridgerton” episodes. For two seasons, the innovative and refreshing show broadened the public’s perception of romance, throwing in unconventional (at the time) leads and creating storylines that were all inclusive.

It’s no wonder anticipation for “Bridgerton season 3” is at an all-time high. While not all of the beloved cast members will return to the small screen, many are set to reprise their roles – which fans are extremely excited about.

“Bridgerton” catapulted many cast members to fame – but that doesn’t mean they weren’t spending every second before the show preparing for a role of a lifetime. For most of the cast of “Bridgerton season 3,” that meant enrolling in college, where they received the training they needed to succeed onscreen.

The best part? These institutions also accept and train international students, which means you can get your start there too.

Here’s a look at where the “Bridgerton season 3” cast members studied:

United who made the cast of Bridgerton season 3

Simone Ashley was trained at the same acting school that cultivated talent like Kate Winslet. Source: Araya Doheny/AFP

Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley turned heads as Kate Sharma, a respected young Indian woman who moved to the UK in search of dating and marriage. What made fans’ heads spin, however, was how refreshing it was to see a South Asian actress as one of the main heroines in a conventional British romantic drama.

Ashley herself is of Indian Tamil descent. As a second-generation immigrant to the UK, she has always been inclined towards the arts despite her parents’ concerns – which must be a familiar refrain for international students from similar cultural backgrounds. “My parents were quite protective of me” she told Glamor magazine. “They came from India to this country, so they didn’t really have a life where they could choose what they wanted.”

Despite this, Ashley decided to persevere in her passions. Growing up, she took classes at Redroofs Theater School, the institution that nurtured talents like Kate Winslet, Jessica Henwick and Kerry Ingram.

For the universityshe went to School of Arts Education. With a campus in West London, Arts Educational School offers a variety of courses including pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to pursue a career in drama, theater and the arts.

These courses include drama and musical theatre, as well as shorter programs around dance and theatre.

Luke Newton

Luke Newton returns in “Bridgerton season 3” as Colin, the third Bridgerton child on the acclaimed series. In fact, this season promises a bigger spotlight on her character – with more time spent exploring her relationship with Penelope Featherington, a fellow socialite in the show’s fictional London portrayal.

“Bridgerton” was Newton’s first major role, but far from his first. Before signing with Netflix, Newton starred in TV shows for Disney and BBC Two.

He trained at London School of Musical Theater, a specialized institution specifically designed to boost the careers of working professionals in the arts. It offers a single year full-time Classes which has been refined and developed over 25 years to produce the best possible results.

Here, students receive rigorous training in song, drama and dance – but what sets the school apart is its focus on identifying each individual’s needs and developing them accordingly. Through this personalized approach, students can work on what they find most difficult and overcome those obstacles to become better, more versatile and resilient performers.

Hannah Dodd

“Bridgerton season 3” isn’t just bringing back familiar faces – it’s actively recruiting new cast members to expand the whimsical world of period dramas as well. One of them is Bridgerton’s sixth child, Francesca, who was recast after appearing briefly in the first season.

Newcomer Hannah Dodd will take on the role. Like many of her castmates, Dodd signed on to play various small roles in a number of TV shows and movies before playing Francesca.

Dodd has been candid about his struggle to land roles. “There is a lot of rejection, a lot” she told the Belfast Telegraph. “It’s hard.”

Before heading to one of Netflix’s most successful shows, Dodd trained in London studio centerwhere she won a BA in Theatrical Dance. This three-year course gives students a comprehensive education in ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance and musical theatre, while equipping them with the specialist skills needed for a career in the performing arts.

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