Youth Services appoints first director of education program

Kimberly Pogue, Youth Services Education Program Superintendent. Photo courtesy of the Department of Juvenile Services.

The Ministry of Juvenile Services’ Education Program Board unanimously elected Kimberly Pogue as the agency’s first superintendent of schools this week.

“On behalf of the board, I would like to welcome him to our team,” said Grace Reusing, chair of the juvenile services education program, in a statement. “Ms. Pogue is a transformational leader committed to ensuring that we dramatically improve educational opportunities and outcomes for students in [Juvenile Services Education Program] schools with a focus on excellence, accountability and data-driven decision making.

The juvenile services education program was created by a bill passed in the 2021 legislative session.

Pogue is responsible for moving the Department of Juvenile Services program from the jurisdiction of the State of Maryland Department of Education to the Juvenile Services Education Program by July 1, 2022.

A graduate of Howard University, Pogue has over 20 years of teaching experience, primarily in the Department of Juvenile Services. She has worked as a librarian, principal teacher, and teacher supervisor at the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School and was principal of the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center and the Alfred D. Noyes Children’s Center in Montgomery County.

Pogue received an MA in Library Science from Catholic University and an MA in Educational Leadership from Trinity University.

She will officially assume the role on December 29.

In a statement on Wednesday, Pogue said she was “humbled and honored” to be chosen as the program’s first director.

“In my 20 years of experience as an educator, I have had the privilege of working with many passionate educators, determined to provide the best possible education for students,” said Pogue. “I look forward to bringing this passion and commitment to my work with the board, our students and their families, and all the stakeholders associated with [the Juvenile Services Education Program]. “

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