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YuviPep’s courses stimulate creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and practical skills in students.

The rise of technology has invaded everything and the need to be in step with the evolution of the world is now a reality. This trend is also observed in our education system. Today, school authorities and parents welcome the idea of ​​introducing technology to children from an early age.

Students prepare with knowledge, skills and mindset to be ready for challenges in the world of tomorrow. Education today is also evolving for the future by incorporating skills and technologies, such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, etc.

YuviPep, an initiative of Telaverge, has stepped up and is taking the lead in education.

“We aim to provide a solid foundation for the next generation. Our goal is to provide students with a platform to experiment with STEM-based concepts with easy-to-understand experiences, ”says Ns Ajith Kumar, Senior Program Mentor at YuviPep.

With the help of next-generation cutting-edge hands-on learning methods, YuviPep has helped students learn, grow and achieve without limits. He motivated several students by unleashing their full potential and guided them towards excellence.

YuviPep is a product of over 15 years of engineering expertise adopted by its parent company Telaverge. YuviPep’s courses are the result of over five years of research and development. It is designed in consultation with IITians and several innovation experts. Today, we are proud to announce that we are in partnership with more than 35 institutions and that more than 75 R&D and subject matter experts are supporting us.

YuviPep’s courses are designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Engaging in classes that have a bright future will help children master it as they grow. Children can also benefit from learning subjects from other innovators around the world.

YuviPep Basic Innovation Course is designed around STEM concepts and uses the teaching and learning pedagogical method. These courses are carefully designed to meet the demands of students in grades 4 and up, to help them become critical thinkers. The Basic Innovation Course covers the concepts and principles of STEM, Design Thinking, Automation and Mechatronics.

The range of innovation foundation courses are taught by dedicated professionals who have solid and hands-on industry experience. This gives students a great learning opportunity. Classes are delivered online with the goal of keeping the learning activity interactive and fun. Each batch has a limited number of students, which encourages individual attention and monitoring of progress.

Students also receive a unique state-of-the-art innovator kit. It includes all the basic components like multimeter, sensors, development board, etc. It motivates and encourages students to deepen their understanding of the topics through hands-on experiences.

Workshops and periodic assessments are organized to monitor student progress. Interested parents are invited to join and experience the workshop. After the completion of each level and workshop, a valid certificate will be provided to students. These certificates have great value in the future endeavors of students, especially when applying to higher education institutions.

The Foundation Course on Innovation will enable students to independently apply knowledge and find practical and achievable solutions for real-life challenges. For more information visit https://yuvipep.com/innovation-course.

“Only practical work and experience lead young people to maturity” – Maria Montessori.

True to words, today YuviPep is seen as a link between theoretical and practical learning. Many students have taken advantage of YuviPep’s range of innovation courses. Here are some testimonials from our students.

Aditri, student, Ryan Global School.
“It’s nice to dive and learn new things. They encourage us to come up with innovative questions and ideas ”- Aditri, student, Ryan Global School.

Pranav BS, Student, Swargarani School.
“I started this program three months ago and let me tell you, it has been a great learning experience. I fully understand how the devices around us work. Never realized that learning science is so interesting. The engineers who teach me are good and they teach very well. They give time and help us however many times we ask them ”- Pranav BS, student, Swargarani school.

Join us for a great learning experience and help kids accelerate skill acquisition in the age of smart technologies.

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You can watch introductory videos on YuviPep’s Basic Innovation Course:

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