Zimbabwe: Thousands benefit from First Lady/Zou partnership. . . More expected to join

SIX thousand people from the country’s five provinces and the Open Women’s Prison have so far benefited from the partnership between First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Angel of Hope Foundation and the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), which offers them life-changing courses in various disciplines. , free.

In Harare, those who have completed their courses and graduated, including information and communication technology (ICT) students who have not yet graduated, are 1,055 while Bulawayo recorded 1,055. 830, and expects more when training begins this week.

Matabeleland North Province has 1,134 beneficiaries, Matabeleland South has 770, Manicaland has 2,012 while the Open Women’s Prison has 20.

The number is expected to increase significantly as the mother of the nation takes empowerment initiatives in all 10 provinces of the country.

Epworth’s pioneer grantees have already graduated and are already enjoying the fruits of the partnership.

The courses offered are the Faculties of Agriculture, Applied Social Sciences, Business and Law, Education, Science, Technology and Arts, Culture and Heritage Studies.

There are no education requirements to qualify for the life-changing courses aimed at imparting knowledge to people through open learning. The courses are a blessing for millions of people who failed to complete their studies for various reasons and circumstances.

The First Lady implored women across the country to take advantage of this partnership to gain a life-changing and life-enhancing college education free of charge. Speaking at the launch of the program in Manicaland on Saturday, which becomes the fifth province to benefit from it, the mother of the nation, who has a passion for empowering women, said she does not want women to be lagging behind hence his call for them. go to school and empower themselves.

“It is a pleasure for me to be here with the Open University of Zimbabwe with our program supporting free education throughout Manicaland Province.” This is the fifth time Angel of Hope has joined ZOU by providing educational programs that take little time but are life changing. . Women, let’s go to school. Let’s go back to school. What’s great about this education is that you will learn for free and it’s not for long. Let’s go to school because we didn’t go for various reasons,” she said.

Amai Mnangagwa said she was truly delighted that what started in August 2021 has taken the nation far in terms of community empowerment.

“Total transformation involves both the reconstruction of educational institutions and the use of education in the restructuring of society. Hope Foundation in transforming the lives of communities. Offering free, life-changing short courses in all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe is what prompted ZOU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gundani, to be here with us today. The launch of the Angel of Hope Foundation and ZOU partnership program in Manicaland province is the fifth after previous launches in Harare, Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South.

“Ladies and gentlemen, university education has arrived here at Manicaland. We have lit the flame of change in our lives because those who benefit from it will never step back but will move forward. Handidi madzimai anosara, tese handei kuchikoro and be empowered. Usasare kumashure,” she said. This was in line with the views of the Vice-Chancellor of the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Professor Paul Gundani, who said the institution was pleased with its fruitful relationship with the First Lady.

“As ZOU, we work with Amai and her Angel of Hope Foundation. We have been charmed by the work she does and so it is perfect to partner with her. As a country, we know that a stay at home mom is the pillar of the family, so she should have a vision to achieve that vision, Amai helps women go to school and empower themselves, she personally works hard and wants hard working women. If you work hard, your children will learn from you and also work hard for themselves We should imitate the way the First Lady works A mother in the house should be able to cover her children like a hen does with chicks She did this by bringing a university to your doorstep so that you could be self-sufficient.As ZOU we are in all 10 provinces, we then saw fit to complement Amai’s efforts and offered various programs for the benefit of communities while ant run by the Angel of Hope Foundation. These courses are life because if you understand the concepts taught, your life will change. I urge you to take the program seriously,” he said.

Dozens of people were so eager to improve their lives that they were literally falling over each other to sign up.

Ms. Acquiline Muchadei (60) from Chimanimani said she was happy to have the unique opportunity to return to school.

“I am grateful for the First Lady’s program which gives us free tuition. She is a loving mother who always assists all her children without being selective. I had finished my studies in the fourth year. I want to take a course in first aid since my husband is in the same field Amai’s love and drive is plausible as a mother who loves her nation.

“Amai doesn’t give us fish, but she teaches us how to fish. She is always keen to improve areas that are looked down upon,” she said with a broad smile.

Young Mr. Tendai Vhirimu expressed his satisfaction with the First Lady’s show of love for the citizens of the country irrespective of their social status.

“Our mother showed us great love as Manicaland and was always by our side even throughout the cyclone disaster. What she has done for us is truly commendable. It is a life changing opportunity life. We are not going to look back because if we go back, we stay in the same place. As young people, we will take these studies seriously in order to be independent and stay away from harm “, did he declare.

Ms. Shorai Chinhori said that the opportunity to acquire college education for free will inspire many people to participate in the empowerment campaign without any obstacles.

“I am so excited because of Amai who came to raise us for free here in Manicaland. failed to do because of various reasons. The training in agriculture will help me get high yields after gaining knowledge,” she said.

Caroline Mandiuraya (23) said mischief forced her to leave school but she was happy to have a second chance.

“Poverty and misdeeds have prevented some of us from achieving our dreams. I want to take construction and cooking classes to gain knowledge that will help me improve my life through self-help projects. assistance. Such empowerment projects like these being brought by the First Lady are rare, therefore, we are grabbing this opportunity with both hands. Today, a university has come to our doorstep. Amai is doing all of this for our benefit as a nation. It’s actually a game-changer because the First Lady gives allows us to work for ourselves,” she said.

Ms. Rosie Muisa (62) said she wants to go into farming.

“We are happy to have received the visit of the First Lady with these courses. She brought ZOU to teach us and I want to do agriculture because the President gave us land and I want to learn and produce many crops to feed the nation. When educated, I will know the type of seeds to use, the fertilizer and the best crop management skills,” she said.

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